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Susan Stein is the content author and production editor for the Etty website. Ricardo Barros is the photographer for all our original artwork. Jean Pierre LeJacq is the designer and webmaster.


The background image for the website is a photo of the broken rails of the former train track at Westerbork, the World War II concentration camp where Etty Hillesum was imprisoned.

Our logo is an image of the last known writing from Etty, a postcard dated September 7, 1943, thrown from a cattle truck, describing her and her family's sudden inclusion on the transport to Auschwitz from Westerbork.

The visual design is accomplished with CSS. We use a liquid design where the design elements move to flow content into the whole screen, or a portion of the screen, no matter what the size of the browser window or the font size.

Content Rating

Our website contains descriptions of the Holocaust and may not be appropriate for younger children. There is no nudity, sexual material, or direct physical violence. There may be mild expletives related to the content of the play.

You may control access to our website using the PICS standard. We have fully implemented the popular ICRA content rating system. Microsoft Internet Explorer has integrated support for this with Content Advisor. Users of other browsers may be interested in the freely available ParentalControl Bar.


Our website is accessible to people with disabilities. It meets Level 2 of the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG).


Our website protects your confidentiality. No personal information is gathered about visitors.

We do gather statistics about the number of visitors, the type of browsers used, and IP addresses where they access our website from. None of this information personally identifies visitors. This is a common practice that helps our system administrators manage our website. We do not disclose this information to any third party.

We do not use Flash, Java, or ActiveX. We do use JavaScript in two contexts. The first resolves some issues with use of the Internet Explorer (IE) browser. If you use IE and have disabled JavaScript, our website may not render properly. The second use of Javascript is for the gathering of usage statistics. It is optional and disabling JavaScript will not affect your experience of our website.

We do use web cookies as part of the JavaScript based gathering of usage statistics. It is optional and disabling cookies will not affect your experience of the site.

All material, except for those explicitly notated otherwise, is Copyright 2008 Susan Stein. Please contact Susan with inquiries about using any of the content from our website.

Browser Support

Our website renders and functions well with any modern standards based web browser. It validates to the XHTML 1.1 and CSS 3 standards. There may be slight issues with Microsoft Internet Explorer (IE).

Our website also works well with text mode browsers such as Lynx.


We used a collection of open-source software to create and host the website - Debian GNU/Linux for the operating system, GNU Emacs for creating the documents, GIMP for image manipulation, Konqueror for testing and validation, and Apache for the web server. Many thanks to all the contributors.



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