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Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education Center

In an effort to reach a larger audience, ettyplay inc is in partnership with the Center for Holocaust, Human Rights & Genocide Education Center at Brookdale Community College (Chhange). This center is a volunteer-based organization founded in 1979 as part of Brookdale Community College, Lincroft, New Jersey. Its mission is to be a resource for: education about historical issues of the Holocaust and genocide; elimination of racism, anti-Semitism and all forms of prejudice that damage our society; and development of creative programs and activities regarding these crucial human issues. A recognized leader in the field of Holocaust/genocide education worldwide, it is the first Holocaust studies center in the State of New Jersey. ettyplay inc is in partnership with Chhange in bringing Etty: A Conversation to prisons, colleges, schools and detention centers.

Using only Etty’s words from the diaries and letters of Etty Hillesum, this play reveals the inner change of a young Jewish woman during the Holocaust as it contrasts her growing spirituality and the ever-increasing persecution of the Jews in the Netherlands. Students witness the actions of one victim to control her own destiny despite overwhelming persecution and as a result are empowered to address present day social injustice. Teachers will be able to teach core academic skills through close reading and writing assignments based on Etty's diaries and letters. Etty: A Conversation is an intimate play that is portable and can be performed in a classroom, theater, studio or library.


We provide three different programs for middle school and high school students. These are customized for each individual school.


The Performance includes the play, Etty, with a post performance discussion. Students receive a four-fold brochure that contains a brief description of who Etty was, her story, a brief description of the people in her circle who are mentioned in the play, excerpts from Etty’s writings and a “blank diary” for use in the writing exercise.

Student Workshop

Student Workshops are tailored to individual settings and can vary in length from a single class period to a full class day and include such topics as: the art of memoir, adaptation from page to stage, and dramatic performance of the students’ writing.

Professional Development

Professional Development includes two components: the first is a historical context, samples of Etty’s writings and lessons for students, the second part will serve as the text for the professional development workshop with extended lesson plans for use in the classroom as well as script development materials, glossary, maps, archival photographs, and a time-line of the Holocaust with a focus on the historiography of the Holocaust in the Netherlands.

For information about fees and availability contact Chhange.


Funding for Etty: A Conversation has been made possible in part by:



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