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Wherever You place me, I shall always.
long for my desk.

Portrait photograph of Etty Hillesum. Standing alone on a bare stage, Etty speaks directly to the audience as she witnesses her world and confronts God with her ethical and moral questions. Crafted solely from Hillesum's writings, this unconventional theater experience brings the audience into Etty's thinking, as she wrestles to write the life she is living--her loves, her work, her wry sense of humor, her knowledge of self and the moment in history.

She loves much of her life in occupied Amsterdam and even later in the Westerbork concentration camp, yet she also finds it horrible.

Music from Westerbork's Cabaret weaves into sharp accounts of the transports, a boy who tries to run away, the image of a guard picking purple lupines, the untenable situation of Jews in the Jewish Council and the shape of her lover's mouth. Etty's story is a struggle against despair. In refusing to see herself as a victim, even as the world closes in around her, Etty finds a freedom with herself and affirms what it means to be human. The audience joins the conversation that the play Etty has begun. Each performance is followed by an audience- generated discussion that effectively becomes the second act of the play.



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