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Home page of ettyplay inc.
Upcoming and prior events related to ettyplay inc and Etty.
The Play
The structure, content, and objective of the play Etty, written by Susan Stein.
Finding Etty
Susan Stein's diary about the creation of the play Etty.
ettyplay inc is a nonprofit dedicated to expanding knowledge and appreciation of the diaries and letters of Etty Hillesum. Your financial support makes this possible.
Contact Us
Contact information for the ettyplay inc including email, telephone, and postal addresses.
About Us
The creators and supporters of ettyplay inc.
The organizations and individuals that ettyplay inc is partnering with on various projects.
Websites, books, plays, and research centers about Etty Hillesum.
Information about the ettyplay inc website, including privacy policy, accessibility, copyright policy, editors and how the site was constructed.

Corporate information about ettyplay inc including the directors and officers, corporate bylaws, and tax exempt status.

Bylaws setting out the form, manner and procedure in which ettyplay inc is run.
Conflict of Interest Policy
Corporate conflict of interest policy of ettyplay inc.
Board of Director Member Agreement Form
Board of Director Member Agreement Form of ettyplay inc.
IRS 501(c)(3)

Information related to recognition of ettyplay inc as a nonprofit organization by the United United States IRS.

IRS Form 1023
Completed United United States IRS Form 1023 for ettyplay inc filed on 2008-December-01.
Etty Events Web Feed
Web feed for upcoming events related to the Etty Play. We use the atom syndication format.



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